• Established in 1985.
  • Successfully completed 21 long years.
  • Mr.Vinoy John is the Managing Director of New Vinco Cooperation.
Other Manufacturing Units
  • Curry powder units.
  • Ice candy manufacturing unit.
  • Polley pack unit.
  • Candle manufacturing unit.
VINCOS – The Synonym of trust
Vincos – a rare unique and eternal blend of quality and authenticity is capturing the heights of progress. The aromatic and tempting products of Vincos are invariably accepted by the women of kerala also extending its sale to other states. The slogan “when taste matters vincos is the choice of house wives” is unanimously recognized all over India as well as abroad. Neither advertisement nor pomp and show have played a role to tempt the people in purchasing our products; but only its distinct variations.

What makes VINCOS products exemplary?
It is only because of the ingredients for the production of Vincos curry powder are subjected to strict quality check before they  reach the manufacturing unit. The most sophisticated and advanced machineries and equipments makes sure an incomparable quality to its products. There is no other product to substitute the goodness of ‘VINCOS’ Curry powder.

Another notable features of VINCOS are its total hygienic and clean atmosphere in the factory. The VINCOS products reach the market from New VINCO Cooperation near Elanji in Ernakulam District. The Managing Director of VINCOS group, Mr. John opines “ The maintenance of unfailingly rich and elegant quality of VINCOS products popularize its acceptance among people.” The savoury, fragrance and its flavours has ensured complete assurance as it has gained great popularity at dining tables and homes.

The extra-ordinary products of  ‘VINCOS TASTE WORLD’ are  - Chili powder, Coriander powder, turmeric powder, Sambar powder, Rasam powder, Chicken masala, meat masala, garam masala, special vegetables Masala, Biriyani Masala etc. The other outstanding products which are stemming from the same root include – varieties of drinks, Vinegar, Viva coffee, Viva tea, Viva wax candles.

The presence of VINCOS products undoubledly makes the celebrations celestial. We are duty bound to ensure the trust of our customers. VINCOS has the capacity to update and modify the recipes of the products according to the needs of the time and demand of the people.

Vincos proves purity and simplicity of its motherland. Stay inspired by constant use of VINCOS products. Bring a welcome change to your life style by the use of its products. Because life is incomplete without VINCOS and it is the real choice for real people.

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